Monday, 31 October 2011

Pretty Paper Party - Prompt 06

This year I celebrated by 30th birthday.  In the weeks leading up to it I worried about all the things I thought I'd do before I was 30 and hadn't.  I remember back to when I was 11 and having a conversation with my friends about how we would all have houses and be married by the time we were 20!!  We were so wrong!

For my birthday Adam planned a trip to London.  The gift from his sister was a ride on the London Eye.  It wasn't just a normal ride, she had booked us the 'Champagne Experiece'.  We had our own escort who took us from the main building over to the London Eye and straight in to a capsule.  He served us a glass of Champagne while we looked at the sights of London from above.  Adam was acting a little strange and I put it down to him being a little nervous of being up high.  But I was wrong.  When we were almost at the top he called me over to the corner of the capsule and proposed to which I replied yes.........he then slipped a ring on my finger.

I had lots of pictures of the London eye and I wanted to include them all.  This was originally a single page layout but when I had finished the first page I decided to create a second layout with the remaining pictures on using the same papers and format as the first.  The painted border was an after thought as there was to much open space left on the page.

When I saw Shimelle using these Thickers I knew I had to get myself some to use.  They are not like any others I have they have a very delicate pattern on them which makes them quite versatile.

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