Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Journal Your Christmas 2013 - Counting Down

We are quite organised this year.  The advent calendars are up on the walls out of little fingers reach.  On one wall we have the calendars they normally have and on the other are some from Granny Joy, which means a double chocolate treat each morning.  I love advent as it makes it feel like Christmas is really on the way but it also means we  only 25 days left to get everything sorted, so the count down is really on!!

Advent Calendars

When Edward was a year old I made him an Advent calendar he could keep for years to come and maybe if it lasts hand it down to his children.  This year I made Eleanor one.  I started it back in September to make sure it would be ready by December for her.  Adam and I would watch the Tudors in the evening and I'd sit with my little pile of Aida squares ready to sew each day.  It turned out to be quite a long job but I loved making it.  I think there is something lovely about having a handmade calendar that they can have out every year for years to come and when they look back when they are older its a memory they will love (I hope).  I already have my orders from Bethany that she would like one ready for next year so I'd better get sewing.

Journal Your Christmas 2013 - Manifesto

At this time of year there is always a lot going on in our house.  The children have extra things going on at school as well as Brownies and Scouts and the calendar always looks pretty busy from the moment it is turned over to December.  As we are so busy the time just flies by so fast and before we know it the big day is here.

This year I intend to record Christmas and enjoy it at the same time.  I will be baking, making and creating all the way though December to make Christmas magical for us all.

Back in November Adam took me to the Christmas shop in Lechlade-on-Thames.  Every year I say I'd love to go but we always run out of time.   I was surprised how busy it was even though Christmas was still weeks away.  I quickly snapped this photo of Father Christmas before we went in.  I could easily of got carried away in there all the lovely little sparkling things, it was like a sweet shop for a Christmas loving adult.