Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The best day and worst day of 2012!

The best and worst day of 2012!

 2012 was an odd year for me.  I spent the first 9 months of it pregnant which I loved every minute of and wished now that I hadn't wished it away as I did, I miss the excitement of the planning it all and the unknowing what baby was going to be.  But then on the other hand I have the most gorgeous baby girl to be thankful for.  The birth may not have quite gone to plan, I didn't get to use my tankini I'd bought especially for the water birth I'd planned and I lost my car all in the same day but I still have my baby girl to cuddle and kiss when ever I like.

Its taken my quite a while to get over what actually happened on the way to the hospital.  I think to start off with I thought it was all a dream and nothing really happened.  I thought Adam was going to go over to collect the baby's bits out of it and say it was fine. I didn't look at the car as we left in the ambulance so it was a bit of a shock when he came back and showed me this photo.


I know it probably sounds crazy but all I could think about was my lovely car and how much I loved it, still do!  I now look at it and realise how luck we all were.  Adam walked away with a broken collar bone and I was just badly bruised.  But most importantly baby was fine.

Poor Adam couldn't pick Eleanor up to give her the big cuddle he wanted to but hes making up for it now.  His shoulder still causes him trouble but its getting better.

Eleanor is now 4 months old and we couldn't ask for a happier baby, she is perfect in every way.  Having four children in the house took a bit of getting used to but we are coping quite well and it seems to be working.

So this year I would like a normal, boring year please!  Maybe a few surprises along the way but all good things!

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